EMD GP35 Denver & Rio Grande Western

EMD GP35 Denver & Rio Grande Western

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The Electro-Motive Division's GP35 carried on the success of the GP30 that had ended production in 1963. The GP35 remained in production for only three years but in that time span sold more than 1,300 examples! It featured the same prime mover as the GP30 but offered slightly more horsepower. The reason for the locomotives success can be attributed to two things: first, by the mid-1960s railroads were looking to upgrade to more efficient second-generation locomotives as many first-generation models had more than 20 years of use and wear; and second, many models built by the American Locomotive Company (Alco), Baldwin, and Fairbanks Morse had simply either not held their worth or where maintenance headaches for crews (as such, several new GP35 purchases were the result of trade-ins). For EMD, the mid-1960s marked its second dominant period as a locomotive builder selling thousands and thousands examples of models like the GP35, GP38, GP40, SD40, and their many variants.

Today, numerous GP35s remain in service on regional and shortlines as well as a small handful which are already preserved.


Technical Data

  • Engine Builder: Electro-Motive Division
  • Engine: 16-567D3
  • RPM (Maximum - Minimum) 800 / 275
  • Main Generator: GM - D22
  • Gear Ratio: 62:15
  • Trucks: 4-Wheel - Bo-Bo
  • Weight: 260,000lbs
  • Total Lenght: 56´-02”
  • Max Speed: 65mph
  • Total Built: 1333 units

Key features of the model

  • EMD GP35 model for Train Simulator by Digital Train Model
  • Accurate, detailed model and textures 
  • Weathered Denver & Rio Grande livery
  • Advanced brake script 
  • Animated doors, windows and mirrors
  • Cab light
  • Instrument lights
  • Warning lights
  • Platform lights
  • Numberboard lights
  • Dynamic brakes
  • Animated wipers and rain effect
  • Brake cylinder animations
  • Custom sounds
  • ND (no drivers) version including
  • 54ft. covered hopper D&RGW livery
  • Quickdrive consist (light engine) included
  • Manual in English (Scenarios in English and German)
  • 2 career scenarios for the Soldier Summit route
  • Train Simulator 2016 / 2017 compatible

System Requirements

  • Train Simulator by Dovetail Games
  • Soldier Summit Route (optional; required to play the two included scenarios)

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