Liverpool - Manchester Goods & Passengers

Liverpool - Manchester Goods & Passengers


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Seven highly realistic Trains and Drivers scenarios for the Liverpool - Manchester Route for Train Simulator by Dovetail Games. This scenario pack was created with help of an UK train guard, so you can expect scenarios with prototypical timetables featuring realistic situations like delays, diverging signals, train failures, construction sites and more. These scenarios will force you to keep your eye open and to perform perfect brake manouvers, otherwise you might be too late and you will have to report your delay to dispatch. You will also take control of freight trains and do some shunting work at night.


  • TaD - Every Day I'm Shuffling

Form the consist for Train 4M45 out of Trafford Park F.L.T. in time for inspection and departure. Do you have what it takes to shunt quickly and safely in the dark?

  • TaD - Evening Express (Demo version: see below text)

You're in charge of Train 1R54, currently 10 late at Manchester Piccadilly due to a Signal Failure. Please drive as fast and as safe as you can to arrive at Liverpool within your PPM.

  • TaD - Ballast Bashing

Take your engineers train out of the posession at Warrington Central and return to Edge Hill Gullet Sidings. Do you have the patience to drive within a posession?

  • TaD - Working in Multi

Take Train 2H40 to Mancester Oxford Road, but with a failed train on the line, will everything go according to plan?

  • TaD - Wagon Wheels

You're in charge of Train 6T66, returning to Trafford Park F.L.T. with some wagons that have had their tyres turned. It's a nice afternoon run down the line.

  • TaD - Evening Peak

Drive Train 2F91 from Manchester to Liverpool, but with such a tight schedule, will you remain on time?

  • TaD - The Daily Commute

Take charge of Train 2H46 from Liverpool to Manchester for the morning commute, but with such a tight timetable, will you be able to stay on time?

Key Features

  • Prototypical scenarios, developed with a UK based, active train guard
  • Seven scenarios from passenger to goods and shunting
  • Realistic AI traffic
  • Scenarios according th the real-world timetable (2016)
  • Scenarios in English and German
  • Manual in English and German
  • Download with installation program

System Requirements:

  • Train Simulator by Dovetail Games (Steam)
  • JT Class 60 + Seacow (Just Trains)
  • Class 66 Freightliner Loco Add-On (Steam)
  • Class 156 DMU Add-On (Steam)
  • Class 08 Loco Add-On (Steam)
  • JT Class 221 (Just Trains)
  • South London Network Route Add-On (Steam)
  • Class 158 “East Midlands Trains” Repaint V1.1 from (Freeware)

​Class 158 Reskin Download: Scroll down to the DMU section, then choose the Class 158 “East Midlands Trains” Repaint V1.1.




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