Horseshoe Curve Route

Horseshoe Curve Route

The Horseshoe Curve is situated near the town of Altoona in Pennsylvania and has echoed to the thunder of heavy freight trains ever since its completion in 1854. It offers the spectacle for railroad engineers – and lucky passengers – of being able to watch the rear of their train making its way along one side of the curve as the locomotives lead the train up the other side, the middle of the train running around the tight 637-foot radius curve at the top of the lake.

The route for Trainsimulator is based in the 1950s. We offer agreat range of scenario addons and rollingstock for this route, including freight cars from Golden Age Rails or the incredibly modelled ALCO RS11 from virtual Railroads.

The Horseshoe Curve is available at Steam.
Horseshoe Curve Route

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