Modern U.S. Freight Cars Megapack

Modern U.S. Freight Cars Megapack


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This pack offers seven scratch-built, accurately detailed modern U.S. freight car models:

• a PS-1 40' hi-cube boxcar (one paint version)

• an NSC 50' combo-door boxcar (two paint versions)

• a PCF 50' exterior-post boxcar (one paint version)

• a Gunderson 60' double door boxcar (two paint versions)

• a 50' airslide hopper built by the GATX (two paint versions)

• a 53' GSC all-purpose flatcar (with and with bulkheads, ten different cargos)

• a 52' Thrall gondola (with high and low side walls, gravel or steel coils load)


That gives you a whopping twenty-two freight cars to choose from! All cars come ready to run in two fictional paint schemes, with custom-built couplers (with connecting air hoses), and modified braking physics for more realistic brake application and release times. All cars have realistic empty and loaded weights. The gondolas and flat cars can be unloaded at the in-game transfer points. The gravel loaded gondolas can also be loaded at the in-game coal loaders (though they will still fill up with gravel.)


includes 3 scenarios on Castle Rock and Cajon Pass!



System Requirements:

RailWorks 4 Train Simulator 2013 must be installed before you can run these models. There are no special hard- or software requirements which would go beyond those of the game itself.


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